The Genius of Natural Childhood-預訂, 詩書坊


The Genius of Natural Childhood-預訂

The Genius of Natural Childhood-預訂
作者 Sally Goddard Blythe is director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, which researches the effects of neurological dysfunction in specific learning difficulties, and devises effective remedial programs. She is the author of Reflexes Learning and Behaviour as well as numerous professional papers and articles.
出版社  Hawthorn Press
英文說明   ally Goddard Blythe is an inspiration to the growing number of people who see a genuine holistic developmental perspective as essential to understanding and supporting young children. Here, you will find the simple virtues of music and movement and child-raising wisdom allied with the latest neuroscientific insights to show just why the old-fashioned, pre-technological ways often had it right all along.� �Dr Richard House, Research Centre for Therapeutic Education, Roehampton UniversityFifty-two percent of parents admit they never read to their child. Toddlers watch 4� hours of television daily. More children are obese, enter school developmentally delayed and need special education. So Sally Goddard Blythe draws on neuroscience to unpack the wisdom of nursery rhymes, playing traditional games and fairy stories for healthy child development. She explains why movement matters and how games develop children skills at different stages of development. She offers a starter kit of stories, action games, songs and rhymes.


  1. Movement and training the senses, rough and tumble playhy movement matters
  2. Music and languagerenatal development, movement and music, nursery rhymes
  3. Lullabies, rhymes and songrigins and uses
  4. Action songs and games for babies to preschoolers, massage and rhythm, finger play
  5. Power of fairy tales
  6. Day in the Garden, story for movement
  7. etting ready for school�evelopmental factors to look out for; assessments of hearing and vision; where to go for help
頁數 240 pages
ISBN: 9781907359040
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