A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf Sc, 詩書坊


A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf Sc

A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf Sc



A Second Classroom

Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf School

What does a healthy, successful school look like?

Is it is all about measurable outcomes, test scores,

and pass/fail grades set by the government?

Can learning be quantified in short-term measurements or does real learning take

years to manifest in a career or biography. All seem to agree that a healthy school

is also a community and that community depends on the quality of

relationships-chiefly the relationships among students, teachers, and parents.

This book features a comprehensive examination of the parent-teacher relationship

in all its dimensions, from parent evenings and conferences to communication,

conflict, and the life-cycle of parent involvement in their school. In between the

chapters on practical advice are sections that consider the issues from a deeper,

spiritual dimension. This book is intended to stimulate conversation, self reflection

and relational practices that awaken community life in and around our schools.

"The world of parent-teacher relations has grown more complex over the years

and at its worst can feel like a minefield. Torin demines and demystifies the

experience with information, insights, stories, and warmth, creating a safe passage

for teachers and parents." -Joan Almon, Waldorf educator and cofounder of

Alliance for Childhood "Readers of my books will appreciate Torin's approach t

o parent-teacher relations. He looks at the key issues through various lenses and

gives both practical and spiritual advice to all who seek to build healthy

relationships around our school-age children.

I highly recommend this new book!" -Thomas Moore,

bestselling author of Care of the Soul "What Torin has so sensitively

crafted here will give you greater simplicity and spaciousness in school

community life. I highly recommend this book to all parents and teachers,

but especially to those connected to Waldorf schools." -Kim John Payne, M.Ed.,

author of Simplicity Parenting and Beyond Winning "This book is a call for parents

and teachers to work more effectively together on behalf of our children. Torin uses

a variety of approaches to stimulate conversation and help us strengthen the

communities around our schools.

I highly recommend this provocative book!" -David Sobel,

author of Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms and Communities




 paperback/ ISBN-13: 978-1621480631


    • Publisher: Steiner Books (April 1, 2014)

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