Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work(預訂), 詩書坊


Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work(預訂)

Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work(預訂)

SteinerBooks, Inc, 2014

"This biography does not aim for completeness, 
but focuses on Rudolf Steiner's being, intentions, 
and journey-aspects that must not be obliterated 
by the many events, foundations, and people involved 
with Anthroposophy.... It wants to convey 
(to quote Emil Leinhas) 'the immense greatness and 
unique significance of this individuality who radiates 
out over the centuries.'" -Peter Selg (from the introduction) 
To acknowledge and understand Rudolf Steiner's 
unique achievement and life's work, one must be able to
accept that the founder and spiritual researcher of 
Anthroposophy was "a citizen of two worlds": 
the spiritual and the physical. 
Anthroposophy teaches that this duality, rather than 
being a quality reserved for special individualities, 
is inherent to human nature. According to Rudolf Steiner, 
it is a central aspect of being human, 
even in times when the suprasensory aspect of humanity 
is eclipsed (for ordinary day consciousness) and 
almost eliminated by certain civilizations. 
The interest in Rudolf Steiner's person and essence, 
in his attitude toward life and work, will continue to grow in 
the decades and centuries that lie ahead, both within 
and outside the anthroposophical movement. 
It will take hold of entirely different groups of people, 
including those who come with spiritual questions or 
discover them in times of need. Rudolf Steiner's work 
grew to be "one unique effort of bringing courage to 
human beings" (Michael Bauer). This is the first of 
seven comprehensive volumes on Rudolf Steiner's "being, 
intentions, and journey." It presents Rudolf Steiner from 
childhood and youth through his doctorate degree and 
up to the time of his work for the Goethe Archives as 
editor of Goethe's scientific writings. By considering 
his formative years in depth, we come to understand 
better the roots and development of Rudolf Steiner's 
later spiritual research and teachings.

286 pages


paperback/ ISBN-13: 9781621480822

Publication Year : 2014,平裝書(Softcover)
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