Therapeutic Form Drawing(1-6冊)(最後一套), 詩書坊


Therapeutic Form Drawing(1-6冊)(最後一套)

Therapeutic Form Drawing(1-6冊)(最後一套)
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Form drawing is a subject taught in Waldorf schools throughout the land and
in other lands as well, but it is something taught as a subject only in Waldorf
schools. Form drawing is  healing in general, as it develops eye-hand coordination,
the senses of balance and movement, among many other things, but therapeutic
form drawing is a method of using the forms for healing in specific ways.
            Recently published are my four books, Clearing Forms Volume One,
Healing Forms Volume Two, Strengthening Forms Volume Three,
Protecting Forms Volume Four. These address form drawing in a different
way from that in which it would be taught in school to children. The forms
in my books are for anyone who wishes to supplement a health routine or
needs to address an ongoing health issue (or even an acute issue—but go
to the emergency room first!!).
            Using the forms for therapy is fun and simple. Find in the book
a form that is meant to address your particular complaint (digestive, viral,
bacterial, allergy, etc) and draw it large—on a piece of printer paper—and
trace it with a colored pencil in the color indicated. If drawing is very hard
for you, no worries! Just enlarge the drawing that’s in the book on a copier
and trace that, OR you could even just trace the form in the book itself;
although it will be small, doing this will still be helpful. Repetition is
important, but the number of times you trace the form, as long as you
trace it each day, is pretty much up to you. You may redraw the form
each time if you wish, but you may also just use the same drawing,
tracing it over and over again.
            Clearing Forms is the first volume because before we can really
heal from an ailment, we have to clear it from our systems. This volume
includes forms for clearing the above mentioned problems, but also eczema,
acne, toxins, mold, yeast,  and fungi, the endocrine system glands, and even
offers a form for clearing the mind for a good night’s sleep, as well as a 28-day
detox plan for clearing addictions.
            The second volume, Healing Forms, comes next. After we’ve cleared
the liver of toxins, for instance, we now need to help it heal the damage done.
Clearing your cold virus will make you feel much better already, but your
whole system has been rattled by the illness and requires attention to fully heal.
            Strengthening Forms is the third book with the next step that everyone
in our busy culture likes to pretend doesn’t exist—recovery! Once we have healed
from an injury or illness, we tend to think that’s it, we’re done. Actually, however,
if we make the effort to strengthen ourselves, even to (wait for it) take an extra
day off (!!!!) we give ourselves a much better chance of remaining healthy,
of NOT relapsing or immediately taking on the next round of flu virus floating
about. The forms in this book help you put the finishing touch on the healing
and should not be ignored.
            Protecting Forms is the fourth volume, as these forms can be used to
protect yourself from future incursion or invasion. This volume of forms may
also be used before the Clearing Forms book as a preventative set of forms!
Make yourself strong beforehand and you won’t even need the first volume!
            Each of the four volumes offers forms for the issues listed in the paragraph
about Clearing Forms, but other issues are addressed as well, in each of the
volumes: mental and emotional health, skin health, heart health, eye health,
and Protecting Forms directly addresses soul-spiritual health as well. All of
this work is firmly rooted in the understanding of anthroposophy and the work
of Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, biodynamic farming, and many
other useful areas of life, but the information given in the books described here
comes out of my own working with the forms and will not be found elsewhere.
Steiner gave indications about how form drawing should be taught in schools,
but left the rest to us to discover, as he did with much else.
Vol 1介紹:
Volume One introduces the series of form drawing books for addressing health issues.
The introduction explains how the forms are to be drawn and traced and the reasons
why. It offers 74 single forms for clearing various complaints such as cold viruses,
eczema, bloating, and toxins, as well as three sequences of forms for dealing with emotional

issues. A special section on clearing addictions is included, as addiction is a huge issue
in our time. One does NOT have to be an artist to use the forms! They may be copied
and traced or simply traced onto the book itself.
Vol 2介紹:
Healing Forms is the second in the series, as one needs to heal after clearing a complaint or
issue. Following an outline similar to the first volume, this book makes it easy to use in
conjunction with the first. Clearing Forms begins with a section called Clearing the Endocrine
System, while Healing Forms begins with a section called Healing the Endocrine System,
and so forth. 74 forms are given here. This volume includes a section in the appendix for
Waldorf teachers and how to teach form drawing most effectively to children.
Vol 3介紹:
Strengthening Forms Volume Three comes third, as recovery from as illness is important
if we are not to have the illness or something related to it return to bother us. Again, this
volume is arranged for convenient use in conjunction with the first two volumes. 101
forms are offered in this book. This volume includes a follow-up plan to the addiction
detox program given in Clearing Forms.
Protecting Forms can be used at any time during the therapeutic process. The
63 forms in this volume help one address the issues underlying the complaints.
All illness stems from spiritual malady, whether from spiritual injury due to
violation by another or imbalance due to our own actions or choices, and these
issues must eventually be faced so that we can move

forward in life and truly meet our destiny in the way that we would wish. The
forms in this book address dealing with the spiritual and soul levels of the
injuries of child molestation, hatred,

grief, untruth, and other sources of damage. These help us begin to get to
the bottom of what is ailing us.

Vol 5介紹:

Transmuting Forms could be called Anthroposophy’s answer to the popular adult
coloring book fad of recent years, but this is coloring at a whole new level!  This
book offers a new method of self-transformation through the artistic working with
the forms using color and concentration. The forms in this book are given without
color and may be colored in according to the reader’s inclination, with certain guidelines.
  The simple method is described clearly in the book, which also offers text concerning
the important work of the conscious human being in this epoch and the next, including
how to deal with the double and working with the spiritual world and the elementals.

Vol 6介紹:

 Have you been joyfully working with the forms in the first five volumes? Ready for
more? Order Awakening Forms, the next step on the path of initiation through form
drawing! Build on what you've already accomplished, recover from the ravages of
materialism, and awaken to becoming a co-creator in Earth’s destiny. This volume
delineates a clear path, via a series of form sequences, to strengthening the vital forces,
the life body, and renewing that deep connection to the spiritual world which makes us fully human.

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