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Look at What We Can Become

Look at What We Can Become
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Neill Reilly presents portraits, rather than biographies, of five remarkable

  • Fritz Koelln
  • John Fentress Gardner
  • Lee Lecraw
  • Marjorie Spock
  • William Ward
These are short, subjective, affectionate sketches. The author relates fond
remembrances of five departed souls in deeply personal portraits that are
nevertheless meaningful even for those who have never heard of these
people who chose a life of service. Readers can test the facts presented
here and determine their usefulness as inspiration for living a better life.
If the author seems too fond of his subjects, he readily pleads guilty as

The term Michaelic refers to the qualities expressed by the Archangel Michael,
who fights the dark forces that work to suppress human hope, goodness,
loving kindness, and true community. Michael is often depicted as armored
and resolute, giving no quarter to evil. He is intimately connected with
Christ as Earth’s guiding light. Each of these five individuals represents a
well-lived, Michaelic life. Like the cover image on this book, the
Archangel Michael assumes a balanced stance, with one foot restraining
the head of Satan and his sword at the ready. Such balance and focus is
critical to all human endeavors, especially those connected with one’s
spiritual life and contributions to education and society.

These five brief portraits offer inspiration to all those who aspire to live
a more Michaelic life, one that pours much-needed loving kindness and
selfless service into our world for the future.
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備註   ISBN:978-1-62148-246-8,2019/05出版
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