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Knitting for Peace

Knitting for Peace

All across America, people are knitting for peace. In yarn shops and private homes,
churches and synagogues, schools and even prisons, they meet on weekday
evenings or weekend afternoons to knit afghans for refugees, mittens for the
homeless, socks for soldiers, or preemie caps for AIDS babies. The tradition
goes back as far as Martha Washington, who spearheaded knitting efforts for
the soldiers of the Revolutionary War, and has seen a recent flourishing in what
is nowadays called “charity knitting,” “community knitting,” or “knitting for others.
” And whether it’s for world peace, community peace, or peace of mind, today’s
various causes have the common goal of knitting the world into a better place
one stitch at a time.

Knitting for Peace is an exceptional book that celebrates the long heritage of
knitting for others. It tells the stories of 28 contemporary knitting-for-peace
endeavors and features patterns for easy-to-knit charity projects such as hats,
socks, blankets, and bears, plus a messenger bag emblazoned with the
Knitting for Peace logo. Enlivened by anecdotal sidebars and quotations
from both knitters and peacemakers, this inspiring book also includes
everything readers need to know to start their own knitting-for-peace groups.

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