An Illustrated Treasury of Swedish Folk and Fairy Tales, 詩書坊


An Illustrated Treasury of Swedish Folk and Fairy Tales

An Illustrated Treasury of Swedish Folk and Fairy Tales

John Bauer
Translated by Holger Lundburgh 

John Bauer (1882–1918) was a highly acclaimed Swedish artist. Influenced by Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson, as well as the fantasy work of Arnold Bocklin, he started illustrating fairy stories while still a student at the Swedish Royal Academy. His best-known illustrations were for an annual Christmas book for children, Bland Tomtar och Troll (Among Elves and Trolls), which delighted readers with their gentle humor and delicate detail. Bauer died at the age of thirty-five, when he, his wife, and their three-year-old son were drowned when their ferry sank in Lake Vattern.


A new centenary gift edition of the much-loved collection of folk and fairy tales from Sweden, illustrated by acclaimed artist John Bauer.

From good natured Scandinavian trolls through giants, tomtes, shepherd boys and princesses, the twenty-three classic stories by well-known authors such as Elsa Beskow and Anna Wahlenberg are delightfully told, full of adventure and magic with clever, resourceful children outwitting fairytale villains.

John Bauer's art—renowned for its detail, character and subtle humor—has never looked more luminous and evocative than in this gorgeously produced edition. Twenty extra pictures have been added along with a wonderful illustrated biography of Bauer, celebrating his work and life one hundred years after his premature death. The book has a foiled cover and ribbon marker, perfect for gifting

This treasury will be cherished for generations to come and loved by children, parents and grandparents alike.

(Ages 6 to 12—and beyond)

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