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Sew Soft Toys

Sew Soft Toys

Karin Neuschutz



Keen to make your own handcrafted toys for your loved ones but not sure where to start? 
This wonderful book "Sew Soft Toys: Using Natural Fibres" by Karin Neuschütz has 25
gorgeous animal patterns with detailed directions to assist you in sewing cute little
creations that the young and young at heart will love.

Featuring animal patterns for a dog, puppy, cat, mouse, bunnies, horse, zebra, donkey,
cow, sheep, pigs, seals, penguin, bears, weasel, foxes, elephant, camel and giraffe -
you are sure to find a sweet little toy animal that can be created, cuddled and
played with time and time again.

These toy animals are best made using wool felt, wool stuffing and a blanket
stitch however using any other natural or fur type fabric and sewing machine
to sew them together is also encouraged too.  Let your creativity inspire you
as you bring to life a representation of one of our friends from the animal kingdom.

Blurb from the back of the book:

"Most children long to have a pet, a soft and trusting little creature to play
with and to cuddle, to feed and to protect.  Unfortunately, not every child is able
to have a live pet.  The toy animals which we give our children as presents, can
become very important in instilling a love of and an interest in the animal world,
in fact, they can be instrumental in fostering in the child the desire to nuture
and look after its charge.  They are also important in developing creative playing."




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