Understanding Healing, 詩書坊


Understanding Healing

Understanding Healing

Meditative Reflections on Deepening Medicine through Spiritual Science (CW 316)


13 lectures, Dornach, January 2 – April 25, 1924;
1st Newsletter of the Medical Section, March 1924 (CW 316)

Steiner’s third lecture course to physicians has a character completely different from previous presentations. Delivered in response to a group of young doctors, it offers unique, groundbreaking insights into the practice and art of healing.

Steiner speaks about the influence of cosmic and earthly forces—the periphery and center—on the human being. Proper understanding of these processes enables the physician to comprehend the actions of plants and minerals used in anthroposophic medicines, and thus to prescribe appropriate and individually specific remedies. Steiner paints a picture of the human being as a complex confluence of the forces of heredity, forces from the cosmos, and an individual’s unique spiritual nature. The physician has to understand these relationships in order to be able to help effectively when they are out of balance. Steiner stresses the importance of personal development for physicians, and offers plentiful instructions for a meditative practice intrinsic to their work.

Among a wealth of other topics, Steiner addresses inflammation and excessive growth; the scarlet fever and measles; the importance of a child’s food and breast milk; the functions of the liver, heart, head, and skeleton; the incarnation process; karma as a guide for the physician; morality as a force flowing in from the cosmos; the cosmic trinity of Saturn, Sun, and Moon in healthy and sick people; and the human heart’s involvement in thinking.

Included here are Steiner’s answers to questions and the first newsletter from the Medical Section, with a key meditation for physicians. This volume also features 18 full-color plates of Steiner’s blackboard drawings, a comprehensive introduction, index and notes.

This volume is a translation from German of Meditative Betrachtungen und Anleitungen zur Vertiefung der Heilkunst (GA 316). Eight of the lectures in this volume were previously translated and published as The Course for Young Doctors.

頁數 264頁


1 x Manual for teaching the Alphabet using Waldorf methods
1 x 喚醒意志的自我教育之路(簡體書)(BC-034)
1 x Pip the Gnome's Bedtime
1 x Aunt Brown's Birthday
1 x Lazy Jack
1 x The Little Christmas Tree
2 x More Lifeways
2 x Illness and Therapy
1 x Gnomes & Friends
3 x Carl Larsson's Home, Family and Farm
2 x Intuition
2 x Eggs for the Hunting-預訂
1 x Cherry Blossom and Paper Planes
1 x Story of Rabbit Children
1 x Pip the Gnome and the Forest Feast
2 x All the Way to Lhasa
1 x Lifeways
1 x Isabella's Journey to the Centre
1 x Hansel and Gretel-A Grimm's Fairy Tale
1 x A Waldorf Approach to Coaching Team Sports-預訂
1 x Flower Heaven
1 x Autumn Songbook
1 x On the Way to Christmas
1 x Symbols of Eternity
2 x Centering Prayer and the Healing of the Unconscious
1 x The Nettle and the Butterfly-迷你本
1 x Story of the Butterfly Children
1 x Inner Reading and Inner Hearing
1 x The Whale, the Sea and the Stars
1 x Echoes of a dream-最後一本,已絕版
2 x A Calf for Christmas
1 x Tomtes Of Hilltop Stream
1 x 優律思美—時間與空間的藝術 紀念專刊
1 x The Pied Piper of Hamelin
1 x Hello!繪本組
1 x Story of Wind Children
1 x Meditations for Times of Day and Seasons of the Year
1 x As My Heart Awakes
1 x The Wind Boy
1 x Sun Seed(大本)
2 x My First Root Children(迷你本)
3 x A Donsy of Gnomes
1 x More Radiant than the Sun
2 x Cinderella
1 x Fairy Worlds and Workers
1 x Rain or Shine(繪本)
2 x The Little Ass(只有一本售完絕版)
1 x Now that Night is Near
1 x The Way of Gnome
2 x An Illustrated Treasury of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales
2 x Naming
1 x Elsa Beskow Calendar 2020
1 x Sam and the Gnome's Red Hat
2 x Rainbows, Halos, Dawn, and Dusk
1 x Spin a Scarf of Sunshine
1 x Dragonsblood
1 x 09-認識更高層的世界
1 x The Way to the Stable
1 x The Elsa BeskowAlphabet Book
1 x The Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits
1 x Where is my sister?
1 x Pearls of Thought
2 x One Thousand and One Nights
1 x A Year in Our New Garden
1 x Ollie's Ski Trip
2 x Artistic Sensitivity as a Spiritual Approach to Knowing Life and
1 x Jonathan and the Tree
1 x Pippa and Pelle in the Spring Garden
1 x Goldie at the Farm
1 x In the Land of Elves
1 x Pippa and Pelle in the Winter Snow
1 x The Knottles
2 x Form Drawing
2 x Form Drawing Grades One through Four
2 x Beauty Mmory Unity
1 x Through the Rainbow-A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children
1 x Children of the forest-預訂
1 x Eurythmy as Visible Singing預訂
2 x The Gnomes' Rosette
1 x Pico the Gnome
2 x Findus, Food and Fun
1 x In Blue Mountains
1 x Over the Hills and Far Away
2 x Birthday
1 x My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose
1 x The Children of Hat Cottage
1 x Toy Making
1 x Raphael's Madonnas-Images for the Soul預訂
1 x Autobiography預訂
1 x 療癒我們的孩子
1 x Storytelling for Life
1 x Waldorf Book of Blessings
1 x 特價品Aunt Brown's Birthday
1 x Dragon Baked Bread
1 x Good Health-預訂
1 x Magical Wonder Tales-預訂
1 x The Gerda Muller Seasons Gift Collection(繪本)
1 x The Little Gnome Tenderroot
1 x Tomtes Of Hilltop wood
1 x A Child's Way-Slowing Down for Goodness Sake
1 x Sacred Geography預訂
1 x ウォルドルフ人形
1 x Bear Child
2 x Ausa M. Peacock故事書(四冊)
1 x The Festivals and Their Meaning
1 x Where Do They Go When It Rains?
1 x The Frog Prince
1 x Education for Special Needs
1 x Uncle Blue's New Boat
1 x The Prince and the Dragon
1 x 仁芳老師2023年月曆《時空。光影》(最後2本)
1 x The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily預訂
1 x Norbert the Winter Gnome
1 x 十二種心境~黃道十二宮靜思冥想書(BC-177)
1 x The Chess Piece Magician
1 x Understanding Healing
1 x 特惠 / 紐西蘭 專業羊毛針/ B組
1 x Whispey
1 x What Julianna Could See
1 x Little Fairy's Meadow Party
1 x The Children's Forest
1 x Rapunzel
1 x The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
1 x Organic Manure
1 x The Story of Little Billy Bluesocks
1 x Three Grimms' Fairy Tales
1 x The Very Old Donkey
1 x Eurythmy, Its Birth and Development預訂
1 x Skye the Puffling-A Wee Puffin Board Book
1 x Princess Sylvie
1 x Metamorphoses of Light
1 x Pippa and Pelle
1 x The Garden Adventures of Griswald the Gnome
1 x In the Land of Twilight
1 x Therapeutic Storytelling
1 x 行星的作用以及人與地球的生命過程
1 x Elsa Beskow Baby Book
1 x Seeds for Social Renewal
1 x The Land of Long Ago
1 x Mr. Goethe's Garden
1 x The Snow Girl
1 x Making Woodland Crafts
2 x 大森林裡的小木屋【經典文學名家全繪版,安野光雅300幅全彩插圖】
2 x 華德福經典遊戲書(二版)
1 x Y 字編織器(H-152)
2 x 森林小公主(繪本)
1 x 什麼是人智學(簡體書)
2 x 好奇的小魚(繪本)
1 x 每當孩子傷心時,故事是最好的陪伴
2 x 移動中的平衡
1 x Functional Morphology
2 x 人體的運作美學
1 x 聽星星在唱歌
1 x 歌德館
1 x 如詩般的動物課(原動物再版)
1 x 化學染料/ 桃紅 /10g
2 x 06-探看幼兒的塗畫世界
1 x Goethe and the Power of Rhythm
1 x 色彩精靈
1 x 華德福教育的本質
1 x 根的孩子(繪本)
1 x 07-我來了-人類智慧學下嬰幼兒保育
1 x The Alpha Beta Book
2 x 01-教育的藝術-再版到書
1 x 光的小孩
1 x 05-幼兒的工作與遊戲
1 x 心連心.親子情
1 x Psychophonetics-預訂
1 x Observing Nature's Secret預訂
1 x An Inner Journey through the Year
1 x 娃娃針 收納筒(大)(H-033)
1 x 所有你想知道關於華德福教育的事
1 x Awakening to Child Health
1 x Rhythmical Massage
1 x 媽媽 我來了
1 x Do You Love Your Teachers?
1 x 數學也可以這樣學
1 x 消失筆(H-020)
1 x Numerica
1 x A Guide to Child Health(第四版)
1 x フェルトで雜貨を作ったら。
1 x 太陽蛋(繪本)
1 x 佑竹老師繪本組(象護之旅,聽星星在唱歌,媽媽我來了)
1 x The First Seven Years
1 x Star Children
1 x 人心(簡體書)(BC-3061)
1 x The Physics of Human Experience
1 x 童年
1 x Pip the Gnome
1 x 00-邁向自由的教育
1 x Please, Can We Play Games?
1 x 日本100%羊毛線-其他色系
1 x 膠囊娃娃針組
1 x 實用教學指引
1 x 向大自然學習智慧-與瑪特拉的52日神秘之旅(簡體書)
1 x 超值優惠/鐘紡毛海系列 6605 (捲)(wool-045)
1 x 故事是教養的魔法棒
1 x 讓光叫醒我
1 x 星星編織器(H-010)
1 x 如詩般的植物課(原植物再版)
1 x 孩子你慢慢長大-幼兒篇(簡體書)
2 x 從孩子的天性開始
1 x 德國史都曼 Stockmar蠟筆-單色/支 (02號-紅)
1 x Stockmar-12色蠟筆(紙盒)
1 x When the Sun Rose(當太陽像玫瑰一樣昇起)
1 x 竹製棒針
1 x Becoming a Family: The First Three Years
1 x Anthroposophy in Everyday Life
1 x Making Needle Felted Animals
1 x Goethe's Science of Living Form The Artistic Stages
1 x 靈性科學入門
1 x Children's Destinies
1 x 化學染料/ 口紅紫 /10g
1 x The Birthday Book
1 x 小彼特的藍莓森林歷險(繪本)
1 x 人類最初的故事(簡體書)
1 x The Counselor-預訂
2 x 04-彩繪童年-華德福學校的水彩教學
1 x A Wound Awoke Me
2 x 08-人智學啟迪下的兒童教育
1 x Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery
1 x 天文與地理
1 x 03-日本華德福幼稚園
1 x 02-善、美、真的學校-華德福教育入門
1 x 象護之旅
1 x 華德福慢養教育(原書名:簡單教養經)
1 x 故事知道怎麼辦 第二集 (簡體書)
1 x 手工松木畫板(H-106)
1 x Why Children Don't Listen--缺頁出清
1 x [二手]我的雅致小扁包
1 x Seeing Colour-A Journey through Goethe’s World of Colour
1 x stockmar濃縮水彩 20ml/瓶-(#05 黃)
1 x 特價品Aunt Green, Aunt Brown & Aunt Lavender
1 x 藍染花布抽繩大貝殼包
1 x Educating Traumatized Children
1 x Painting at School
1 x stockmar濃縮水彩 250ml/瓶-(#05 黃)
1 x 水彩紙 / 200張
1 x Stockmar-8色蠟磚+8色蠟筆(鐵盒)
1 x 親子髮夾一對
1 x The Goetheanum Cupola Motifs of Rudolf Steiner
1 x 水彩紙 / 50張
1 x [二手]麻球玩布日記
1 x 10-華德福幼兒教育的理論與實踐
1 x 6格水彩架+6罐(含蓋)(H-144)
1 x Colors of the Soul
1 x 四月的季節-如何以另類教法教育出一位出色的孩子
1 x 新世紀農耕
1 x Art History as a Reflection of Inner Spiritual Impulses
1 x 德國原木水彩筆 (10號 )
1 x 家的三角形~父母與孩子的家庭課題
1 x 德國原木水彩筆(大+中+小)/3支組
2 x New Life – Mother and Child
1 x Stockmar-8色蠟磚(主色,鐵盒)
1 x 行星對植物的影響(BC-154)(簡體書)
1 x 十二感官:應用篇
1 x stockmar濃縮水彩 250ml/瓶-(#01正紅)
1 x THE ONE of the Emerald Tablet
1 x 如果器官會說話(簡體書)
1 x The Archetypal Plant
1 x Zodiac:An Exploration
1 x Stockmar-16色蠟筆(鐵盒)
1 x 白色羊毛氈布(小)(H-136)
1 x The Timeless Storyteller
1 x Turlough O'Carolan(含運另外寄)
1 x Pale blue rock(含運另外寄)
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