Drawing from the Book of Nature-預訂, 詩書坊

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Drawing from the Book of Nature-預訂

Drawing from the Book of Nature-預訂

Dennis Klocek


When students are given fixed and finalized abstractions from
the beginning, they do not have to use their own inner forces
to overcome the resistance of the world to arrive at truth or to
create beauty. The result is that their inner pictures are devoid
of life. 

To arrive at a truth or to create beauty that reflects the order
and harmony of the Creator, we must always begin humbly,
in ignorance and ugliness. By striving out of ignorance and
ugliness toward the true and beautiful, both scientists and artists
can bring new, creative forces into the world. Neither memorizing
data nor copying a beautiful drawing engages the true imagination
of students as it is by drawing a flower from life. It is precisely this
lack of an active, striving inner creativity that can result in the
frequently overwhelming feelings of anxiety and alienation
experienced by so many people today. As a counterbalance,
education must—in all areas of knowledge—increasingly focus
on the personal creation of what, through its beauty, speaks truth
and through its truth radiates beauty. 

Drawing from the Book of Nature is about both drawing and the
natural world of plants and animals. It is a valuable resource for
teachers, students, and anyone who wants to develop a capacity
for artistic observation of natural phenomena.

Dennis Klocek provides a refreshing combination of depth and clarity,
offering a wealth of insight into the lives that constitute living nature.
The text is supported by easy-to-follow lessons that help the reader
bring the kingdoms of nature to life on paper. This book is a resource
through which teachers, students, and others can find their own way
toward reuniting with beauty and truth.

頁數 148頁(改版為平裝,故售價降低)
備註  ISBN: 978-0-945803-02-7

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