Mathematics in Nature, Space, and Time, 詩書坊

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Mathematics in Nature, Space, and Time

Mathematics in Nature, Space, and Time
John Blackwood worked in mechanical engineering design for nearly thirty years. Inspired by Lawrence Edwards (author of Projective Geometry) and his work with plant geometry, Blackwood became a teacher at the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in Sydney, Australia, where he designed a math course for classes 11 and 12. His ideas were adopted by the school board of New South Wales. He lives near Sydney.
出版社  Floris Books
英文說明   his is an exciting and unusual book.... There are explorations of art, culture, nature, accurate drawing, and model making, with a wide range of photographs and diagrams. This book is more of an exploration than a manual, but many nonspecialists would enjoy this book as well.� �Education Otherwise on Mathematics in Space and TimeHere is a Waldorf teachers� book for math. Its contents include:
  • athematics in Nature�
  • ythagoras and Numbers�
  • latonic Solids�
  • hythm and Cycles�
  • Full-color illustrations and diagrams throughout

Mathematics in Nature, Space, and Time is a Waldorf teacher resource for math in class 7 (ages 12�13) and class 8 (ages 13�14). This new edition combines two previously published handbooks: Mathematics around Us and Mathematics in Space and Time.

頁數 216 pages
ISBN: 9780863158186

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